The HUB is a social for those in their 20s and 30s attending our church, and their friends. A main events is organised on a monthly basis, even though more spontaneous informal get together may happen more often. We come together to do all sorts of different things -  going out  for a meal or a drink, play games, watching a movie at someone's place, go for a walk and much more. Just come to one of our Services and let us know you are interested. See when our main event is next on.


J Club

This is a monthly event for 11-14 years old. The J Club generally meets on the last Sunday of the month, straight after our morning Service, from 1pm to about 3.30pm. After an always pre-teens friendly meal, our youngsters let their steam off in funny games and activities. This time often ends with a short reflective discussion time. Even though our building has an entirely dedicated games room, the J Club may also meet outside our church premises. Check our Calendar for dates.


Lunch and Listen

This is our monthly get together for Seniors. This meal generally takes place on the last Tuesday of the month from 1pm to 2pm (but you can come slightly earlier), and is free of charge. Lunch and Listen is what it says on the tin: Seniors coming together to share a tasty meal, have a nice time together and listen to a very short reflection on the Christian faith. To know when the next Lunch and Listen will be, check our Event Calendar.